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You know how important a great smile is to looking and feeling good. That’s why the entire team at Moses Lake Dental Group is committed to providing you the highest quality in pediatric, adult and sleep dentistry. Leveraging today’s latest technology, our Moses Lake dentists can create results that change how you look and feel. Whether you need a routine checkup, or more advanced procedures like a smile makeover, our dental practice offers a wide variety of procedures to uniquely fit your needs. In addition, our friendly staff ensures your visit to the dentist is affordable and comfortable. If you are searching for a Moses Lakes dentist – look no further, contact us today at (509) 766-9030.

We invite you to look around our site to learn more about Moses Lake Dental Group to see how we can be an integral part of your dental care. We know that the first step towards a beautiful smile begins with selecting a Moses Lake dentist that you can rely on. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment.



At Moses Lake Dental Group, we perform a wide variety of services to help you get the smile you deserve.


Take your child to Moses Lake Dental Group for all your family’s pediatric dentistry needs.


Sedation dentistry can mean any type of sedative given by pill, elixir, intravenous, inhaled or otherwise, that relaxes patients for dental procedures.


At Moses Lake Dental Group, we provide disabled patients the same quality care that their friends and family members receive.


Whether you need fillings, crowns, replacement teeth or elective procedures, dentistry preserves the integrity of your white, beautiful smile.


While all of us hope to avoid having any dental problems, dental emergencies can unfortunately occur unexpectedly, at any time and to anyone.


Мы говорим по-русски
Hablamos Español



We offer all sedation techniques including “True Sleep Dentistry” with assistance from our AAAHC accredited sister practice, Apex Anesthesia Services.


We are truly paperless. You can conduct all your communications with us using just your smart device. You may choose paper and/or telephone, if you prefer.


We accept most insurance plans, including Apple Health. We are a preferred provider with several of those plans. We also offer our own “MLDG Wellness Plan” for procedures not covered by insurance.


Flexible payment options exist for virtually anyone


We welcome patients of all ages and all income levels as well as those of all abilities and disabilities


We speak Spanish, Russian, French and Polish languages.


We are not owned nor controlled by any corporation, government agency or charitable organization. We work ONLY for you and we will earn your repeat business.


We are just off 1-90 next door to the Moses Lake High School

Based on 87 reviews
Irina Ismagulova
Irina I.
03:36 02 Jun 20
Hermilda Gaytan
Hermilda G.
20:55 28 May 20
Jesse Lauterbach
Jesse L.
21:30 27 May 20
Luis M
Luis M
18:43 25 May 20
I had a tooth ache! I got right in, I didn’t even have a long wait in the office, I didn’t hear all that costly dental procedures! Instead they started with what I could afford and still keep my teeth! I was advise on all my options and explain ways I can make work! Thanks for fast easy dental work!
Amy Bevers
Amy B.
02:38 20 May 20
Never felt better or more comfortable talking with this office!! Bedside manner was great and put me at ease while maintaining a professional environment!! Would reccomend this office to anyone with dental anxiety!!
Lisa Simonsen
Lisa S.
01:30 05 May 20
Best dentist ever
Sandy Carroll
Sandy C.
19:07 13 Apr 20
Moveme jdeere
Moveme J.
00:53 19 Mar 20
Michael Mitchell
Michael M.
18:00 18 Mar 20
Made me feel like family/important...treated me with respect and let me know everything before and during the process.. Dr. Grant is amazing! I hope he continues to practice because great personable dentists are hard to find... thank you Moses Lake Dental Group.. all of you do an amazing job!!
Victoria Morgan-Hash
Victoria M.
17:31 18 Mar 20
Sandi LaLonde
Sandi L.
00:03 18 Mar 20
David Jones
David J.
00:14 13 Mar 20
They are very professional yet pleasantly accommodating . The office assistant had me all squared away with my part of the payment. The Dentist has an excellent bedside manner and his assistant took into account my hearing loss and spoke up. Oh and the best part..... NO PAIN Thank you all
diane nichols
diane N.
03:08 12 Mar 20
rebeca madrigales
rebeca M.
19:19 09 Mar 20
Super happy with the service that I received great personal care ❤️❤️❤️
Tony Washington
Tony W.
01:42 06 Mar 20
Gustavo Gomez
Gustavo G.
22:09 02 Mar 20
Great service. Great personnel. Highly competent treatment. To me the appointment and treatment Are like a 30 min nap. No stress &restful
gerald yager
gerald Y.
20:22 27 Feb 20
Jesus Farias
Jesus F.
21:19 25 Feb 20
The Drs and staff were very friendly and helpful and knowledgeable. Got us in and out pretty quick -which could be good for kids with dentist anxiety. My kids were totally at ease though, once they found out they could watch a movie while their teeth were being cleaned. Will be going again in 6 months!
Maddi Jones
Maddi J.
17:44 19 Feb 20
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea H.
20:38 13 Feb 20
Oscar Cisneros Leal
Oscar Cisneros L.
01:12 13 Feb 20
Yessica Ayala Bustos
Yessica Ayala B.
00:36 13 Feb 20
My son went for a cleaning who has braces. The doctor showed my son pictures of the results of not brushing enough with braces on and the aftermath of what happens to your teeth and gums. And the hygienist who did the cleaning helped convince him to care for them a lot better then he has been and even gave the great advise of mouth wash to use with braces on for him. It’s always a great office to visit and to learn how to help your teeth and gum care. Thank you for the amazing service we receive every time we go in. Keeps us coming back for more.
Synthia Pruneda
Synthia P.
19:12 06 Feb 20
My first dental visit in a few years due to not having insurance and I loved it there! The staff was great and talked with me and apologized for any waiting that I did while I was there (which I really didn't mind) and my hygienist, Maxine, was great! She explained things to me which I really appreciated. Really reccomend this place!
Jackie Martuscelli
Jackie M.
19:58 05 Feb 20
Bill Gieger
Bill G.
03:21 29 Jan 20
I took my Special Needs Aunt to the dentist here and cannot be any happier with how the experience went! We were called back by a bright, cheery, and very caring hygienist, Maxine(Max). She treated her as if she was family. She was gentle with her, talked to her even though my Aunt is non verbal(which means so much to me!) Max was even able to get x-rays from my Aunt, which has not been possible in years. I highly recommend Moses Lake Dental Group! Thanks again to the staff for making my Aunts visit exceedingly great!
00:40 29 Jan 20
Cami Christy
Cami C.
19:36 28 Jan 20
Anthony Matthews
Anthony M.
23:35 20 Jan 20
Did really well on my cleaning an super informational. Love the friendliness of this place as well I feel right at hom .
Kaelynn Martinez
Kaelynn M.
02:41 15 Jan 20
Noelle Beaushaw
Noelle B.
22:19 06 Dec 19
Nice, clean, friendly little dental group. Everyone here is great, and you really feel like they care not just about your teeth but also they care about you.I have major dental anxiety and avoided it for over a decade, but everyone here has made it as pleasant an experience as it can be.
Tyler Scott
Tyler S.
00:43 05 Dec 19
Outstanding!!!Dr Grant is the best dock I’ve had in 38 years. The shots are careful and painless, the service is great and professional!I never thought that I would be happy to go to the dentist.Thank you Moses Lake Dental for Dr Grant!Eli K
Elijah Kleimenov
Elijah K.
18:48 25 Nov 19
Johnnie Witherspoon
Johnnie W.
14:54 07 Nov 19
Previously my son went to a pediatric dentist but they only take kids up to a certain age, so we had to find a new dentist. That’s when we found MLDG, and I’m so glad we did! When my son was going to his pediatric dentist, they put the needle in his mouth, even with him crying and freaking out. I remember them saying, mom can you come over and help calm him down. I felt so sorry for my kid but thought if there was another way, they would for sure say it..... So, when we went to MLDG, my son needed dental work in his front teeth, as soon as he seen the needle he starting freaking out. I was trying to calm him down, and was going to help hold him if they needed me to, but that’s when Dr. Liedtka pulled me aside and said, if we continue to do this this way, it is going to traumatize him. He needs a shot in the most painful spot in his mouth and it will be best to put him out.... This is how it should have been at his other dentist! The first thing that came to my mind when he said this, was wow, this is a great dentist. Then I was thinking, his first experience with his other dentist is probably what traumatized him. Anyways, I cannot thank Dr. Liedtka enough for saying that to me! This means a lot to me and makes you look like a GREAT dentist, in my eyes! Besides how how great he made me feel that day, when we came back and he actually did the work, wow, just wow! My son had a bunch of pits on his front teeth bc the enamel didn’t form right, when my son was finally able to smile and he seen his teeth, he said, “now I’m not going to be embarrassed to smile”. It made my heart so happy. I didn’t know it bother him that much until this day when they were fixed.I highly recommend Moses Lake Dental Group, especially for children. Thank you Dr. Liedtka and staff!
Heidi Pate
Heidi P.
01:12 06 Nov 19
15:21 17 Oct 19
Friendly staff. Gentle touch. Understanding.
Mick Taylor
Mick T.
00:27 11 Oct 19
Great place I take my 5 kids there. We live in omak and i would rather drive the 2 hours to moses lake than go any where else. They are great with kids they are great for adults. They are not judgement like most dentist offices can be. They are very kind they are very fast. I get in and out 5 kids being seen and teeth cleaned in about 1 and a half hours!!!
Rani Oakman
Rani O.
00:52 04 Oct 19
Very friendly and professional group! I was very impressed. I've been looking for a dentist since I moved here a year and a 1/2 ago and it looks like I finally found one!
Justin Brooks
Justin B.
00:09 19 Sep 19
The staff there is amazing and patient my son is autistic and we're very willing to help
Dj Heeney
Dj H.
17:42 10 Sep 19
Suly Aguilar
Suly A.
03:51 23 Aug 19
Highly recommend to anybody looking for a great dentist.. I would definitely suggest checking out Moses Lake Dental Group!! They always go above and beyond for their patients.... also super friendly staff!!!!
Kelli C
Kelli C
22:55 14 Aug 19
I was a nervous wreck going in there but they made me feel totally at ease explaining everything to me that they were going to do!! Great people 😊
Jean-Marie Milette
Jean-Marie M.
18:11 23 Jul 19
Brenda Schuller
Brenda S.
22:35 02 Jul 19
This dental group provides thorough and quality care. I’ve had to do a tremendous amount of work this year and I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences with this staff. I highly recommended their services to everybody.
Bill M
Bill M
16:58 28 Jun 19
5 stars isn't enough!! Highly recommend this clinic. Thank you so much for taking me in and making me smile again! The service was amazing, the staff were super sweet and u feel so welcome!! I'm more than happy with the work that was done.
Yanna Pash
Yanna P.
22:54 26 Jun 19
Clean, friendly and professional dental office.
Heidi Rodriguez
Heidi R.
20:20 28 May 19
The staff doc etc always make you feel welcome n comfortable and when your ready for whatever dental care you need you feel the one on one communication and help you understand . Thank you see you next visit
Jose Lopez
Jose L.
18:33 23 May 19
I am almost 70, so my teeth have seen many dentists over the last many decades. Dr Finley Grant has taken care of me the last 10 years and is the best by far-/gentle, kind, conservative, and extremely thorough. Today was my first time with Sandy Anderson, dental hygienist , and she is awesome. Took time to explain about the measurements and gave much encouragement.
Tamara Hogsett
Tamara H.
20:15 16 May 19
Ive had terrible experiences with dentists and its left me a phobia. These guys are so good I had no idea we were even done with the extraction!!!! Yay to all personell here you have given me a way better outlook on dental care and dental care done right!!!!! Had me in within days and out within a half hour of the tooth pulled!!!! Thank you all so much!!!!!!
19:48 14 May 19
Michelle DeLaRosa
Michelle D.
18:26 02 May 19
Great staff cleaning was very comfortable!
Annemarie Cadle
Annemarie C.
17:39 02 May 19
Dyanira Salinas
Dyanira S.
03:42 27 Apr 19
They were very pleasant and informative
kaylo Roberts
kaylo R.
00:48 23 Apr 19
Well everyone was nice and caring and was treated very well I would encourage other to go To Finley Grant he’s the best!😊
Esmeralda Cantu
Esmeralda C.
22:59 17 Apr 19
Richard Waltman
Richard W.
23:41 20 Mar 19
Great experience, (considering it's a dental visit). Sandy Anderson did my cleaning and periodontal work and she was excellent!!
Julie Roy
Julie R.
03:09 08 Mar 19
profecia padilla
profecia P.
23:52 05 Mar 19
Pleasant staff, Great Doctors
Adam Malecha
Adam M.
19:35 12 Feb 19
Great service, friendly people, and able to get scheduled very quickly
Thomas Bonnington
Thomas B.
02:02 10 Feb 19
Sandy RDH was very professional and caring, eased my way thru a very pleasant experience. thank you Sandy!
annette therrien
annette T.
14:46 07 Feb 19
They were very kind and patient, excellent service.
Olivia Vela
Olivia V.
23:46 05 Feb 19
Great facility! Great staff’s, friendly and very accomodating! Dr. Kazim works great! Thank you so much
jake edwards
jake E.
02:31 12 Jan 19
Bo Gilkey
Bo G.
00:29 10 Jan 19
Excellent service and staff. Very caring and patient
Karen Jensen
Karen J.
20:15 05 Jan 19
Lonnie Deich
Lonnie D.
01:19 18 Dec 18
Victoria Hernandez
Victoria H.
00:13 22 Nov 18
Gabriella Avakimian
Gabriella A.
02:40 03 Oct 18
The work was done very thoroughly and precisely. Very impressed!
Mary Ponsness
Mary P.
18:10 27 Sep 18
David Dragomir
David D.
00:20 23 Aug 18
Irina Avakimian
Irina A.
22:44 17 Jul 18
Maria Moreno
Maria M.
18:51 06 Feb 18
Dan una muy buena atencion, me acaban de aser unas extrancciones y me senti muy agusto, isieron un buen trabajo conmigo.
Noemi Miron
Noemi M.
02:49 02 Feb 17
La atención está muy buena, el lugar está muy limpio y adecuado. Mi hija se divierta y me la tratan muy bien. Los pacientes aquí son lo más importante
Andres Baltazar Montelongo
Andres Baltazar M.
21:12 30 Sep 16

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