Stephanie Olivera RiveraScheduling Coordinator

    I was born in Washington and raised in Nevada. I recently got married in May of 2019 and also graduated from college in June of 2019…. Talk about 2019 being a great year! Working at a dental office is amazing, my passion for dentistry grew since I was in high school. Before graduating college, I worked at a dental office in Othello, and that’s where I learned most dental procedures and the steps that follow with each procedure. I recently joined the Moses Lake Dental Group as a Treatment and Scheduling Coordinator and I am super excited to be working for such a great office and great dentists who take the time to listen to patients and treat patients like family. Working as a Treatment Coordinator is intriguing, not only because you get to talk to patients every day, but you also help them understand what dental procedures they need to get done. As a Treatment Coordinator I also explain the different options of treatment that patients have and give payment options that are convenient for them. Seeing people walk out with a smile is my everyday goal. When I’m not in the office, I am usually spending time with my family at our ranch or doing makeup.