Gabriella Avakimian BHSA, MBAChief Operating Officer

    Gabriella has joined our practice as a Chief Operations Officer in 2019. Gabriella is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the company. She is involved in the implementation of organizational systems, monitoring budgets, overseeing human resource policy, maintaining patient records and risk management procedures. Gabriella excels in marketing projects, strategic planning and patient/client relations. She is helping shape Moses Lake Dental Group’s policies in order to remain compliant with the state and Federal regulations.
    Outside of work, Gabriella enjoys traveling to new countries, hiking the PNW, eating lots of Hot Cheetos, and spending time with friends and family, and playing piano. Fun fact: Gabriella played piano competitively for 10 years!

    Gabriella graduated with Masters in Business Administration from Eastern Washington University. Her undergraduate degree is Health Services Administration. She is also a Washington state Registered Dental Assistant and has over 5 years of dental experience.